Experiences of a five-year carnivore: Part II

Part II: Eating, then and now When I first was thinking about trying an all-meat diet (Part I), I worried about things like boredom, and missing favourite plants. In practice this hasn’t been a problem, because… …my concept of what constitutes food has changed. You may have have experienced this if you don’t normally eat […]

The ketogenic diet as the default human diet: an energy perspective

The conditions under which the liver delivers optimal fuel on demand may be the conditions under which it evolved. When you are on a ketogenic diet, the mitochondria in your cells — the parts of the cells that produce energy — actually switch from primarily using sugar for fuel to primarily using fat for fuel. […]

Experiences of a Five-Year Carnivore, Part I

Part I: How I became a carnivore It took me about three weeks to get up the nerve to try an all-meat diet. I had been reading about it since before the New Year. It seemed extreme, but I was just so desperate about my weight. An all-meat diet is, in some ways, just a […]