Meat and Potatoes?

Before I’m misquoted, let me be clear: No, potatoes are not on the carnivore diet and I will not be making a Venn diagram proposing to extend the definition of Carnivore. No, I’m not currently eating potatoes. Yes, I took a period of time experimenting with non-Carnivore solutions to what, for years, felt like an […]

Carbosis and the “Seed Oil” Theory: Part I

This post is hosted on a permissionless platform using private cryptocurrency (Zcash) to allow micropayment donations and anonymity. Follow the link below to read the rest. An enduring mystery known to the low carb and Paleo spheres is how a very low fat, very high carb diet such as the Kempner Rice Diet or the […]

“High-Fiber Diet Might”, a translation

In this month’s JAMA Network Open we have an opinion piece [1] that struck a chord with me — a discordant, grating, and tuneless chord. I thought I’d share with you what I heard, when I read it, just to do my part in spreading the pain.Italics for the author’s word, bold for my translation, […]

Who is a Carnivore? problems of names, identity, community

Who gets to decide what the Carnivore Diet means? Let me start by contrasting the relatively easy question of how to define a diet, with a deeply difficult question. In my early twenties, I was studying Judaism. I was preparing to convert before marrying my Jewish then-boyfriend. There was no pressure from my boyfriend or […]