Ribeye Jerky

Ribeye Jerky

I’ve taken to making fatty “jerky” in the dehydrator from thinly sliced chuck steaks they sell at my local grocery store.

It looks like this:


It absolutely melts in the mouth as it is, though, believe it or not, I sometimes spread butter on it.

My local store also sells thinly sliced ribeye. This I consider a crime. There is no way to cook it to rare like that.

Yesterday, however, I was looking for the thinly sliced chuck and they had none. What they did have was thinly sliced ribeye, marked down for no apparent reason. I realised that it cost only slightly more than what I pay for the chuck, and a beautiful idea formed in my mind…

Here are some photos of the succulent result:

It’s definitely not the best ribeye I’ve had, but it’s easily the best jerky.