Mostly Fat started as a collection of essays I've written across the years (sometimes with Zooko) on the emerging science about ketogenic diets, and on personal experiences on the "Carnivore Diet", a term I and a couple others simultaneously coined in the early 2010's, long before the diet was popularised several years later.

I used to keep these essays on separate blogs, in order to make clear what was literature based and what was anecdote, but the lines began to blur when Carnivore diets started gaining legitimacy and began to be studied in their own right, starting with my 2020 paper "Can a carnivore diet provide all essential nutrients" (See About me for a list of my nutrition publications.) So I decided it made more sense to host them together here.

Going forward, I'll be adding more resources to the site, with the aim of making a repository of ideas and educational tools for people who want to make sense of the growing body of contradictory health information available online from experts and laypeople alike.

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All of of my old and new nutrition posts can now be found together here. The main page serves as an index, organised by tags. This includes the posts from my two earlier blogs, The Ketogenic Diet for Health, focused on the science of ketogenic diets, and, focused more specifically on the Carnivore Diet and my personal experiences with it.

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Eat Meat. Not Too Little. Mostly Fat: the facultative carnivore

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Want to know where to begin with a carnivore diet?
Eat Meat. Not Too Little. Mostly Fat: a quickstart guide to the Carnivore Diet

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If you're looking for the most comprehensive and carefully curated collection of resources on the Carnivore Diet spanning a century, look no further than Michael "Bitstein" Goldstein's site Just Meat.