(Original text from The Ketogenic Diet for Health)

Amber recently earned an M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Toronto where she studied computational linguistics (her publications). Zooko is the founder and CEO of an Internet startup — LeastAuthority.com (his publications). We have three active healthy sons.

Neither of us have medical credentials. This is actually an advantage, because it reduces our temptation to say “Trust us—we know what we’re talking about!”. Instead, we show you the evidence that led us to our beliefs, so you can judge for yourself. (See Apologia for details about our approach.)

And yes, we both eat a keto diet. Amber has eaten almost nothing but meat since 2009. Zooko’s diet is more varied, but he’s probably been more or less continuously in ketosis for over six years. It’s been very good for us! (That’s anecdotal evidence. It’s not strong evidence to build your beliefs on, but it is an important fact About Us. We’ll talk more about different kinds of evidence.)