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Meat and Potatoes?

Before I’m misquoted, let me be clear: * No, potatoes

Carbosis and the “Seed Oil” Theory: Part I

This post is hosted on a permissionless platform using private

Ketogenic Diets and Sleep Part I: current misunderstandings

One of the projects I'm working on now

Does fat from your plate displace fat from your thighs? Not necessarily

Recently there has been a push against the high fat

Keto-adapted but no (low) ketones? Part II

Beyond urinary ketones Several years ago I wrote about a

Fun with Yoghurt: fully sous vide and stearic enhanced

I started making more homemade yoghurt recently, and I found

What can COVID-19 teach us about metabolic syndrome?

Many people consider me an expert on ketogenic and carnivore

Introducing the Mostly Fat Blog

Welcome to my new website! I've been blogging