Ribeye Jerky

ribeye jerky

I’ve taken to making fatty “jerky” in the dehydrator from thinly sliced chuck steaks they sell at my local grocery store.

It looks like this:


It absolutely melts in the mouth as it is, though, believe it or not, I sometimes spread butter on it.

My local store also sells thinly sliced ribeye. This I consider a crime. There is no way to cook it to rare like that.

Yesterday, however, I was looking for the thinly sliced chuck and they had none. What they did have was thinly sliced ribeye, marked down for no apparent reason. I realised that it cost only slightly more than what I pay for the chuck, and a beautiful idea formed in my mind…

Here are some photos of the succulent result:

It’s definitely not the best ribeye I’ve had, but it’s easily the best jerky.

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  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    Hi Amber, so the jerky dries out the protein part, but I imagine the fat must still be somewhat soft. Is that right? And do you season it at all? Does the fat drip and make a mess in your dehydrator?

  2. L. Amber O'Hearn
    L. Amber O'Hearn says:

    Hi, Robert,

    Yes, the fat stays pretty soft; melts in the mouth. It does drip a little bit in the dehydrator, but I wouldn't say it's a mess. It's easy to wipe off.

    I don't season it at all.

  3. reners
    reners says:

    Hi 🙂 how long did you leave it in there? I'm interesting in doing this in the oven on the lowest temp setting. Cheers, Reners

  4. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    How thin is thin? I may have to ask the butcher to slice the meat for me as I haven't noticed anything thinly sliced.


  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Do you know what could cause dry mouth in someone going into ketosis? Each time I try to do zero carb, even with cutting out plants, I always get extremely uncomfortable dry mouth and throat. It's so bad it keeps me up at night and it's not because I'm not drinking enough water. I don't have diabetes so I know it's not that either. I don't feel like I'm lacking in electrolytes. Please, help!

  6. L. Amber O'Hearn
    L. Amber O'Hearn says:

    Dorogoi Andrei,

    If you want to have a real discussion about why you think that paper would be relevant given all the other evidence, I'd be happy to. I don't however feel much need to respond to a one line pointer to a study that I don't find compelling. I think, in fact, I've discussed it elsewhere on the net, though I don't have a link at my disposal.

  7. L. Amber O'Hearn
    L. Amber O'Hearn says:

    The fact is, low carb diets are the most effective treatment there is for diabetes. Moreover, all of the cultures in the past, even the recent past, who ate this diet didn't suffer from diabetes.

  8. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    Amen! Diabetic for the last 10 years or so. My fbg is down to normal now (80s) with lchf & mod protein & NO meds. Amber – how thin is thin on that ribeye? 🙂

  9. Андрей
    Андрей says:

    I read some sort of your website written by russian guys
    and they do concentrate on scientifically proven methods of making human life the longest
    Some facts, you are talking about are very close, but this particular position "keto diet is good forever" is not the same. So I am trying to analyze all your knowledge and their knowledge together. To get to the truth = )

  10. Андрей
    Андрей says:

    Is it true that there is no any research of long term (>2 years) keto diet consequences?
    I will read all ketotic org to get the truth, but if you have information about particular page, that would be perfect

  11. Pete533
    Pete533 says:

    I didn't know the dynamics of your personal situation. I just enjoy your blog and often find that blogs that I like stop publishing. I will watch your talk later on Youtube and look forward to anything you have time to write.

  12. Pete533
    Pete533 says:

    I am fascinated by a total carnivorous diet, yet I find high fat something that bothers my whole gastrointestinal system. I plan to give it another try in the fall when I move into my new place. Not sure that the diet is for everyone.

  13. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    It might be something you need to play around with. I've found that I can't handle much chicken fat at all – it makes me sick. For other fats it depends on the composition of the meal – sometimes I can handle a lot, other times not so much.

  14. Pete533
    Pete533 says:

    Yes, chicken fat is the worst. I think it has to do with the high percentage of inflammatory Omega 6s. Beef fat doesn't bother me as much

  15. Emmie Warren
    Emmie Warren says:

    I've been totally carnivorous for the past 3 months (after a decade of very low carb), and I am thriving on this way of eating. However, when I was low-carb, I'd read that it's best to have a high carb DAY about every 6-8 weeks. I don't know whether that's true, but I did it and didn't 'notice' any effects, positive or negative. Now I'm wondering again whether it would be good to have such a day. Your thoughts on this?

  16. Newman
    Newman says:

    How thin does the ribeye need to be sliced? What a great idea for an easy snack when away from home (like at work, or on long drives).

  17. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Beef jerky tends to work best cut at 1/4" for something as fatty as Ribeye because it's less likely to fall apart at this thickness. You probably already go your answer though.

  18. MagicDave
    MagicDave says:

    I read a comment regarding long term Ketogenesis. I realize that the following is only anecdotal evidence but my Dad (M.D.) used a keto diet to help reduce the frequency and severity of epileptic grand mal seizures. His patients were using a keto diet literally for decades. He told me that his father (M.D.) used a very high fat moderate protein very low carb diet to treat his epileptic patients too. My grandfather died in the early 1930's when drugs for epilepsy did not exist.
    I make my jerky from beef belly. It lind of looks like dark brown bacon. I love raw beef. I would also point out that duck breast makes really tasty jerky too. I am intrigued with the idea of ribeye jerky. I make gizzard sausage that is extremely fatty. After cooking the gizzard to falling apart doneness I mix in an equal portion of bacon fat. After it is chilled to firmness it can be sliced like a cold cut. Very tasty.

  19. Epona
    Epona says:

    I made a lot of Venison jerky when we got a young 5-point buck this past hunting season. I found jerky recipes that did not have any sugar in them to season it. I used a Cuisinart dehydrator. It was a bit time consuming to slice all that meat, but it was worth it. I probably ate almost all of it myself and I made POUNDS of it. Since it was very low in fat (venison is quite lean), I usually paired it with cheese. I still have bags of unprocessed meat in the freezer, so now I am thinking of making more jerky or maybe a form of pemmican out of some of it. Very mild flavor. The deer was young, so not gamy at all.

  20. Katja
    Katja says:

    Just slung my first ribeye jerky steaks into the dehydrator. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I am off to a smallish volcanic island, food security is definitely on my mind.

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