Meat and Potatoes?

Before I’m misquoted, let me be clear: * No, potatoes

Mindfulness Strength Training

I first heard about slow lifting protocols around 2007 or

On Happiness

This post is not my usual fare. It’s personal

Dear Lyle McDonald,

I read your Open Apology to the Internet yesterday. You

Experiences of a five-year carnivore: Part II

Part II: Eating, then and now When I first was

Experiences of a Five-Year Carnivore, Part I

Part I: How I became a carnivore It took me

Recent changes

I’ve been at this carnivory lifestyle for years now,

Deeper ketosis without protein restriction

In my last update, I had talked about the trouble

Update on Ketosis and Weightlifting

Well, that was a really long month. In seriousness, writing

The proverbial last 10 pounds

Even though I’m happy with the health effects of