The Ketogenic Diet for Health

The Ketogenic Diet for Health

The Ketogenic Diet for Health was a blog started by <a />Amber and Zooko</a> in 2012 to explore the science behind ketogenic diets and its use improving multiple health parameters.

Did CHOs make us human? I doubt it

“I like to start with an evolutionary perspective” — Jennie Brand-Miller

Ketosis Without Starvation: the human advantage

I recently had the honour to speak at Low Carb

Does a ketogenic diet confer the benefits of butyrate without the fibre?

Tenuous arguments from fibre apologists According to many plant-eating enthusiasts,

Ketogenic Diets, Vitamin C, and Metabolic Syndrome

The Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) for different nutrients were developed

Optimal Weaning from an Evolutionary Perspective:

The evolution of our brains, meat eating, and a reliance

Why are heart disease and dental health related?

Some years ago people became excited about the news that

Microbiome Nonsense: response to “Chowing Down On Meat”

[Update 2023-11-18: Some changes made for readability; a few links

Ornish Diet Worsens Heart Disease Risk: Part I

Dr. Dean Ornish has come under a lot of criticism

What about the sugars in breast milk?

Something that nearly always comes up when we talk about

Meat is best for growing brains

There are multiple lines of evidence that an animal-based diet