Who is a Carnivore? problems of names, identity, community

Who gets to decide what the Carnivore Diet means? Let

Not the Collagen, but the Carnitine?

Note that I’m using the tradition and I developed

Thirteen days of near-carnivory fails to impress

Alan Levinovitz is an author and scholar of religious studies

An Open Dialogue with Alan Levinovitz on Miracle Cures

Introduction for outside readers Twitter can be a wonderful way

C is for Carnivore

In a guest post I wrote for Break Nutrition today

Ribeye Jerky

I’ve taken to making fatty “jerky” in the dehydrator

Experiences of a five-year carnivore: Part II

Part II: Eating, then and now When I first was

Experiences of a Five-Year Carnivore, Part I

Part I: How I became a carnivore It took me

Response to Mark Sisson’s assertion that vegetables are necessary for health

Mark Sisson is the author of The Primal Blueprint, and

Wait — why eat only meat?

I want to briefly clarify our position about the 30-day