Empiri.ca was a blog started by Amber in 2012 to discuss personal experiments and observations, and ideas in progress especially related to the Carnivore Diet.

Meatless Mondays

What is it called when a carnivore doesn’t eat

Mindfulness Strength Training

I first heard about slow lifting protocols around 2007 or

Toxic Plant of the Day: Cassava Root

Life lives off of life and all living things must

Musings on “good” bacteria, antibiotics, and brain function

The growing trend recognising that gut bacteria affect all other

On Happiness

This post is not my usual fare. It’s personal

Mass Action

I’ve started reading Dr. Richard D. Feinman’s book,

The mystery of hippopotamus fat

A friend recently drew my attention to an historical essay

Dear Lyle McDonald,

I read your Open Apology to the Internet yesterday. You

Experiences of a five-year carnivore: Part II

Part II: Eating, then and now When I first was

The ketogenic diet as the default human diet: an energy perspective

The conditions under which the liver delivers optimal fuel on