Empiri.ca was a blog started by Amber in 2012 to discuss personal experiments and observations, and ideas in progress especially related to the Carnivore Diet.

Experiences of a Five-Year Carnivore, Part I

Part I: How I became a carnivore It took me

Weight loss advice from fat people

There is an assumption that is easy to make about

Dangerous Mistakes of Reading the Internet

Zooko and I get a lot of questions here and

Killjoy vs. Freak Flag

I read a recent story by Julia Llewellyn Smith about

Response to Mark Sisson’s assertion that vegetables are necessary for health

Mark Sisson is the author of The Primal Blueprint, and

Red Light, Green Light: responses to cortisol levels in keto vs. longevity research

How a scientist interprets outcomes often depends on whether she

Being, Having, and Doing: The Metaphysics of Disease

This is a copy of an article I wrote for

Recent changes

I’ve been at this carnivory lifestyle for years now,

Wait — why eat only meat?

I want to briefly clarify our position about the 30-day

Biochemical Warfare

In response to the 30-day trial that Zooko and I